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An Easter Embellishment | Aliterate

An Easter Embellishment | Aliterate      A white bunny peacefully lay sound in his underground burrow snuggled in the twigs and assorted leaves. Suddenly, the bunny awoke by the comforting smell of candied yams. It was the midst of dawn and an annual occupation remain incompleted. As he jumped through the forest cautiously skipping over logs and branches, his duty was awaiting. House by house, door by door, these were common occurrences for the bunny this time of year. His last house remained; a wooden bungalow hidden in the deep forests. As he walked over through the front gate,  a sour smell greeted him among entry. As he reached in the burlap sack on his back, he soon realized that this bungalow had no door to open and no porch to place. An open entry to the bungalow resided and a sense of completion left the poor bunny desperate, for he would be breaking the rules and completing his task at the same time. He imagined doing this quickly but later backed away. The rustle of leaves …
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A 13 Dollar Round Trip Flight To China | Aliterate

A 13 Dollar Round Trip Flight To China | Aliterate      Welcome to United flight #9634 from New York's JFK Airport to Beijing's Capital International Airport. Please enjoy our flight's complimentary masks and two pumps of Purell. Any additional pump after the second will cost $39.99 (3 squares of toilet paper) which is more expensive than this flight. The weather is slightly cloudy and there will be no air traffic. Considering the fact that each state has been put under lockdown, we are legally not allowed to take off any time soon. Remember to stay six feet away from all passengers, which does not seem to be a problem, for this is an empty flight. Enjoy our flight and if you have any questions please do not be hesitant to text our cabin crew.       All jokes aside, my family and I were going to go to China, South Korea, and Japan for this year's spring break. I was ecstatic to visit these three countries for a very long time. Most of our trips are to Europe in which …

ZOOM into Quarantine | Aliterate

ZOOM into Quarantine | Aliterate      Wow! So much has happened since May 28, 2019! Considering the fact that the black plague has basically been reincarnated, I believe that humanity is facing the brink of extinction. The Corona Virus is planning the course of Armageddon. You heard me right, the incident of last year is nothing compared to this year's calamities (check out last year's post on Armageddon). The Corona Virus has officially started its world tour first premiering in Wuhan; Corona Virus' entry fee: your life. This fatal virus has altered every aspect of my life. I recently had gotten accepted into my county's vocational high school and the orientation of the school and the placement tests were unfortunately canceled.       On a side note, my aggravation towards quarantine is unparallel to anything else. Shocker, I have to take online school just like everyone else and I absolutely despise the classes. Sure, we get less school work and end a school day aro…

Writing Children Books | Aliterate

Writing Children Books | Aliterate
It was a rainy day and it seemed like the rain would never stop. I felt scared, lonely, and vulnerable. At any moment, an electric bolt from the blue would annihilate everything in its path, but there I was. While sitting on my parent's bed and reading my favorite book, Go Dog Go, I felt that nothing could harm me. Then again, I was six and books, like the ones by Dr. Seuss, had actual plots, unlike the books I'm obliged to read nowadays. Yes, I'm talking to you The Giver. Anyways, our last LAL chapter for the year is researching and writing our own children books.

To get a good grade, our teacher had clearly stated multiple times that we MUST incorporate 3 elements of figurative language. To take the easy way out, I am currently in the process of writing a book explaining the Holocaust using animals. When I asked my teacher if it would be appropriate, she read my story outline and thought it was an excellent idea. Turns out, when I used…

The Renaissance Fair | Aliterate

The Renaissance Fair | Aliterate It was a dark, cold, Thursday morning. My lovely mother, Agatha, was churning butter outside and my dearest father, John-Smith, went out into the forest to bring back his daily hunt of game. I went into the blacksmith tavern to forge my iron sword for knight school the next day.  
Where do I start? It actually was a Thursday morning it it looked like God was furious. While he was sending down big bolts of disastrous thunder, he was crying as well. His tears formed a thick sheet of monstrous rain drops. Armageddon was clearly already taking its place. This field trip was a rain or shine trip meaning that there would be no reschedules for the trip. No reschedules even if our field trip took place on the meeting point of a hurricane, earthquake, and tornado. 
I filled my bag with a brick ton of things which I would actually never end up using. After a dreadful one and a half hour bus ride we finally came to the one and only: Renaissance Fair. We were gre…

Armageddon | Aliterate

Armageddon | Aliterate

I, George W. Bush, am hereby to declare that Armageddon has officially set off. I knew that this day would come. Meteorologists predict that Armageddon will first hit the East-Coast of the US; meaning that this monstrosity will force every child in grades 3-8 to take standardized testing. 
Where do I start. Oh yes, standardized testing. NJSLA or should I call it "fun". Our current governor came into his political position by banning the old standardized test known as "PARCC". When he was elected, he introduced a new standardized test named as "NJSLA" or NJ-slaw; NJSLA is literally just the same thing as PARCC but it has one less section to it. 
I have one word to describe the whole experience: traumatizing. Who would ever expect for the whole class to not be able to finish the Algebra section. When there was 2 minutes remaining, many people would start to cry while I would stay still at my desk hyperventilating. I did have the answ…

Happy Mothers Day, Mother | Aliterate

Happy Mothers Day, Mother | Aliterate
To everyone who is reading this post, this is not my occasional. In fact, this post was made specifically for a very special person in my life:
Dear Mother, Your love does not compare to anything in this world. Your compassion  can withstand whatever my little brother and I do. Your determination proves that you will never give up no matter what comes across your path. Your care is like the superglue in our family. Thank you for everything you do for me.  I will never be able to repay what you have done,  sacrificed,  and went through to raise me.  All I want to say is:  I appreciate everything. I love you, Mom, Happy Mother's Day!
Common sense, am I right?